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Hotels Pskov

  1. 903
  2. Arle (under negotiation)
  3. Avatar (under negotiation)
  4. Balthouse
  5. Barselona
  6. Camelot
  7. Chemodan
  8. Dvor Podznoeva (Main building)
  9. Dvor Podznoeva Business
  10. Dvor Podznoyeva Studii i Apartamenty (under negotiation)
  11. Gnezdo
  12. Golden Embankment
  13. Karkushin Dom
  14. Kolos (under negotiation)
  15. Oktyabrskaya
  16. Old City
  17. Old Estate
  18. Pokrovsky
  19. Rizhskaya



Name: Pskov

Country: Russia

Time zone: GMT+3

Area: 95,6 sq. km

Population: 0,206 million (2014)

Founded in: 903

Climate: transitional from mild marine to mild continental

Average temperature: -10,2°C to -0,3°C in winter, +10,5°C to +24,7°C in summer

Area code: +7 (8112)

Airports: Pskov

Train stations: Pskov

Bus stations: Pskov

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Trinity Cathedral, Ivanovsky Monastery, Mirozhsky Monastery, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Church, St. Anastasia of Sirmium, Michael the Archangel Church, St. Basil the Great Church, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Church, Ascension Church; Catholic: Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church; Baptist: Evangelical Baptist Christians Church

Architectural landmarks: Pskov Fortress, Prikazniye Chambers, Pogankiny Chambers, Podznoyevy Chambers, Menshikovy Chambers, Solodezhnya, Pechenko House, Rusinovy Chambers, Yamskoy Chambers, Guriev Chambers, Syrnikovy Chambers, Trubinkiye Chambers, Postnikovy Chambers, House of the Polish Catholic Priest

Statues and memorials: V.I. Lenin, S.M. Kirov, A.S. Pushkin and Arina Rodionovna, I.K. Kikoin, M.I. Kutuzov, Alexander Nevsky, Princess Olga, J. Sibelius, Three Hundred Years of the 1581 Defence, City of Military Glory Stele, Two Captains, Tank

Museums: Pskov State United History, Architecture and Fine Arts Museum, Railroad Museum, The Two Captains Novel Museum

House Museums: V.I. Lenin House Museum

Theatres: A.S. Pushkin Pskov Academic Drama Theatre, Pskov Regional Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Arboretum

Expo centres: Union of Artists Exhibition Hall, House of Crafts

Sports venues and clubs: Mashinostroitel Stadium, 747 Stadium, Elektron Stadium, Race Track, Ice Palace, Bars Sports House, Snegopad Winter Recreation Centre, Dinamo Water and Skiing Base

Performance sites: Pskov Regional Philharmonic

Entertainment sites: Iron club

Restaurants of national cuisine: Staraya Krepost (Russian), Staryi Tallinn (Estonian), Killfish, Wasabi (Japanese)