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Hotels Saransk

  1. Admiral
  2. GAU RM Sportivnaya Shkola Olimpijskogo Rezerva Po Legkoj Atletike
  3. Mercure Saransk Center
  4. Meridian
  5. Mirta
  6. Nadezhda
  7. Olympia
  8. Park Hotel
  9. Radisson Hotel & Congress Center Saransk (f. Saransk Congress Hotel)
  10. Rassvet
  11. Saransk
  12. Sportivnaya (under negotiation)
  13. Sura
  14. Vizit



Name: Saransk

Country: Russia

Time zone: GMT +3

Area: 71.5 sq. km

Population: 0.298 million (2012)

Founded in: 1641

Climate: moderately continental

Average temperature: -5°C to -15°C in winter, +11°C to +25°C in summer

Area code: +7 (8342)

Airports: Saransk

Train stations: Saransk

Bus stations: Saransk

Religious buildings: Orthodox Christian: Fyodor Ushakov Holy Righteous Warrior Cathedral, Our Lady of Kazan Church, St.John the Divine Church, Life-giving Trinity Church, Nativity of the Holy Mother of God Church, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Church, St. John the Baptist Nativity Church, Makarovsky St. John the Divine Monastery (Makarovka village, 10 km from Saransk); Islamic: Uskudar Mosque

Architectural landmarks: Pugachev’s Tent

Statues and memorials: E.Pugachyov, F.Ushakov, A.Polezhayev, S.Erzya, Patriarch Nikon, Monument to Stratosphere Pilots, Monument to Warriors of Mordovia, Alley of Glory

Museums: S.Erzya Mordovian Republican Fine Arts Museum, I.Voronin Mordovian Republican Unified Local Lore Museum, Memorial Museum of Military and Labor Exploits in 1941-1945, Mordovian Folk Culture Museum, A.Polezhayev’s Museum

Theaters: I.Yaushev State Music Theatre, Mordovian State National Drama Theatre, Mordovian State Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: A.Pushkin Culture and Leisure Park, Fairytale Woodland Park, Botanical Garden

Expo centers: Mordovexpocentre

Sports venues and clubs: Start Stadium (FC Mordovia, WFC Mordovochka), Mordovian Republic Ice Palace (HC Mordovia), Mordovia Sports Complex, Republic of Mordovia’s Olympic Racewalking Training Centre, Shamil Tarpishchev Tennis Centre, Republic of Mordovia Skiing and Biathlon Complex

Performance sites: Mordovian State Philharmonic Hall, N.Ogarev Palace of Culture and Arts of Mordovian State University

Entertainment sites: Zoo

Restaurants of national cuisine: Mordovian: Natsionalny