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Hotels Belgorod

  1. Air (form. Leisure Rooms Karaoke)
  2. AMAKS Congress-Hotel
  3. Art Hotel
  4. Belgorod
  5. Belogorye
  6. Bely Gorod
  7. Continental
  8. Cosmos
  9. Esen Inn (under negotiation)
  10. Europe Park-Hotel (f. Park-Hotel Europe&Wellness)
  11. Fandorin (under negotiation)
  12. Flora (under negotiation)
  13. Milan
  14. Olimp
  15. Royal
  16. Salut
  17. Vincent
  18. Vladimirskaya
  19. Voyage
  20. White Hill Hotel



Name: Belgorod

Country: Russia

Time zone: GMT+3

Area: 153,1 sq.km.

Population: 0,366 million (2012)

Founded in: 1596

Climate: moderately continental

Average temperature: -2°C to -10°C in winter, +14°C to +26°C in summer

Area code: +7 (4722)

Airports: Belgorod

Train stations: Belgorod

Bus stations: Belgorod, Belgorod 2

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Transfiguration of Christ Cathedral, Smolensk Cathedral, Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St.Nicholas the Wonderworker Cathedral, Archangel Gabriel Church, St.George the Great Martyr and Triumphant Church, Intercession of the Holy Virgin Church, Sts.Nicholas and Joasaph Cathedral, Sts.Martha and Maria Women Monastery, Kholki Holy Trinity Men Monastery (Kholki, 120 km from Belgorod)

Architectural landmarks: Merchant Selivanov’s House, Former Men Classical School Building, Former Women Classical School Building

Statues and memorials: Prince Vladimir, St.Bishop Joasaph, M.Shchepkin, Victims of Chernobyl, The Dead in Afghanistan Memorial, Eternal Flame Memorial, Heroes Avenue

Museums: State Regional History Museum, Kursk Salient: Kursk-Belgorod Axis Diorama, State Art Museum, Literary Museum, State Folk Culture Museum, Shebekino History and Art Museum (Shebekino, 32 km from Belgorod), Kursk Salient Memorial (Yakovlevo, 35 km from Belgorod)

Theatres: M.S.Shchepkin State Academic Drama Theatre, State Song Theatre, State Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: V.Lenin Central Culture and Leisure Park, Victory Park, Memory of the Great Patriotic War Dead City Park, Yu.Gagarin Park

Expo centres: BelExpoCentre

Sports venues and clubs: Salyut Stadium (Salyut FC), Cosmos Palace of Sports (Belogorye MVC), Oranzhevy Lyod Ice Arena (Belgorod HC), Spartak Palace of Sports, DYuSSh # 6 Stadium (Viktoriya WFC), State University S.Khorkina Sports Training Complex

Performance sites: State Philharmonic Hall, Energomash Culture Palace, Youth Initiative Centre, State University Youth Culture Centre

Entertainment sites: Zoo, Olimpiya Bike and Roller Ski Track

Restaurants of national cuisine: Russian: Super Kouzmich, Tri Medvedya, Pechki Lavochki