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Hotels Nakhodka

  1. Gorizont
  2. Merkury
  3. Nadezhda
  4. Pyramid-Hotel
  5. Rent
  6. Vostok (under negotiation)



Name: Nakhodka

Country: Russia

Region: Primorsky region

Time zone: GMT +10

Area: 325,9 sq.km.

Population: 151 420 people (2017)

Founded in: 1864

Climate: moderately monsoon

Average temperature: -9,3°C in winter, +19°C in summer

Area code: +7 4236

Train stations: Nakhodka, Tikhookeanskaya

Bus stations: Nakhodka

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Nativity Church, St. Panteleimon Chapel, St. Nicholas Chapel, Kazan Icon of the Mother of God Church; Protestant: Evangelical Christians-Pentecostals Prayer House, Evangelical Christians-Baptists Prayer House; Muslim: Mosque

Architectural landmarks: Maritime Station building, Nakhodka City District Administration building, Tax Inspectorate building

Statues and memorials: V.I. Lenin, Victims of Political Repressions, Fallen Partisans, Grieving Mother Victory in the Great Patriotic War Memorial, Coming of Age Stele, My city - my pride Stele, Nakhodka Stele, Sister Cities Friendship Stone Memorial Complex, Rock Garden Memorial Complex, Two Anchors Memorial Sign, Peace Statue

Museums: Nakhodka Museum and Exhibition Centre, Paleoderevnya Open Air Archaeological Museum, Vernisage Art Gallery

Theatres: Puppet Theatre, Rampa Theatre, Avers Contemporary Drama Theatre, Skazka Youth Theatre

Natural sites and parks: City Culture and Recreation Park, Sestra Volcano, Lisiy Island

Sports venues and clubs: Vodnik Stadium (FC Ocean), Dolphin Hockey Arena, Tungus Equestrian Club

Performance sites: Rus Cinema and Concert Complex

Entertainment sites: Burevestnik Cinema, Picnic Children's Entertainment Centre, Crystal Entertainment Complex, Metelitsa Entertainment Complex, Tsunami Bowling Club, Dolphinarium

Restaurants of national cuisine: Gorizont, Rent, Tsarskiy Dvorik (Russian, European), Vostok (Chinese, European), Pyongyang (Korean)