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Name: Ferghana

Country: Uzbekistan

Time zone: GMT+5

Area: 95 sq.km.

Population: 340 600 people (2014)

Founded in: 1876

Climate: continental

Average temperature: +0,2°C in winter, +27,4°C in summer

Area code: +998 73

Airport: Ferghana

Train stations: Ferghana-1, Ferghana-2

Bus station: Ferghana

Religious buildings: Ferghana Zhome Masjid Mosque, Mosque in Yarmazar, Mosque in Shakar-kishlak, Mosque in Guideme, Mosque in Besh-bol, Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh, Alexander Nevsky Chapel, Roman Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Architectural landmarks: Old Fortress

Statues and memorials: Akhmad al-Ferghani Monument

Museums: Gerghana Local Lore Museum

Theatres: Regional Musical Drama Theatre named after Shakardzhonov, Regional Russian Drama Theatre named after Gorky, Yoshlik Children's Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Central Park, Tekstilschik Park

Performance sites: Neftchi Culture House, Theatre and Concert Palace

Entertainment sites: Navoy cinema