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Hotels Perm

  1. 59 Region
  2. Abazhur
  3. AMAKS Premier Hotel
  4. Apelsin (under negotiation)
  5. Ars-Hotel Sibiria (under negotiation)
  6. Art-Hotel (f. Diagilev Art-Hotel)
  7. Asia
  8. Astor Hotel
  9. Atrium (under negotiation)
  10. Aura Akvarel Hotel (f. Akvarel)
  11. AurA CityHotel
  12. City Star
  13. Energetik (under negotiation)
  14. Eva
  15. Flowers
  16. Four Elements Hotels Perm (former Hilton Garden Inn Perm)
  17. Gabriel
  18. Gallery
  19. Garni-Hotel Sibiria (under negotiation)
  20. Globus
  21. Grand Hotel Perm (f. Eurotel)
  22. Holliday Inn Perm (f. Zhemchuzhina)
  23. Kruiz (under negotiation)
  24. Mikos
  25. Neftyanik
  26. New Star
  27. Olimp (under negotiation)
  28. Park-Hotel
  29. Polyot
  30. Prikamie
  31. Sibirian tourist (under negotiation)
  32. Sosnovy Bor on Vstrechnaya (under negotiation)
  33. Tentorium SPA (form. Api Spa)
  34. Travel
  35. Ural
  36. Vicont
  37. Vizit
  38. Zona Komforta Apart-Hotel



Name: Perm

Country: Russia

Time zone: GMT+5

Area: 799 sq km

Population: 0,99 million (2010)

Founded in: 1723

Climate: moderately continental

Average temperature: -8°C to -18°C in winter, +13°C to +25°C in summer

Area code: +7 (342)

Airports: Bolshoye Savino

Train stations: Perm-2

Ports: river terminal (Kama river)

Bus stations: Perm

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Holy Trinity St.Stephan Monastery, Sts.Peter and Paul Cathedral, Holy Assumption and St.Theodosius Church, Holy Trinity Cathedral (Slutskaya Church), St.Stephan of Great Perm Chapel, Belogorsk St.Nicholas Orthodox Missionary Monastery (Kalinino village, 85 km from Perm); Catholic: Immaculate Conception of the Most Holy Virgin Mary Church; Muslim: Cathedral Mosque; Synagogue

Architectural landmarks: Saviour and Transfiguration Monastery Cathedral and Archiereus house, Gribushin House, Gavrilov House, Mikhailov House, Perm-1 Railway Station

Statues and memorials: V.Lenin, B.Pasternak, H.Gral, V.Tatischev, Holy Hierarch Nicholas, Heroes of Battlefield and Home Front, Mourning Lady Memorial

Museums: Perm Region Local Lore Museum, State Art Gallery, PERMM Modern Art Museum, Motovilikha Diorama Museum, Planetarium, Khokhlovka Architecture and Ethnography Museum (Khokhlovka village, 43 km from Perm), Perm-36 GULAG Memorial Museum (Kuchino village, 120 km from Perm)

House-Museums of: S.Dyagilev, N.Slavyanov, RSDRP Perm Committee Underground Printing Press of 1906 Memorial House-Museum

Theatres: Tchaikovsky Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Teatr-Teatr Academic Theatre, Panfilov Ballet Theatre, U Mosta Theatre, Novaya Drama Theatre, Young Spectator’s Theatre, State Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Gorky Culture and Leisure Park, Reshetnikov Naberezhny Garden, Kungur Ice Cave (Philippovka village, 100 km from Perm)

Expo centres: Perm Fair

Sports venues and clubs: Zvezda Stadium (FC Amkar, WFC Zvezda 2005), Molot Universal Sports Palace (HC Molot-Prikamye), Spartak Sports Complex (Handball Club Permskiye Medvedi, MFC Arsenal), Neftyanik Sports Complex, Yunost Stadium

Performance sites: Perm Territory Philharmonic Hall, Soldatov Palace of Culture

Entertainment sites: Zoo, State Circus

Restaurants of national cuisine: Russian: Drugoye Mesto, Russkoye Zastolye