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Name: Ashgabat

Country: Turkmenistan

Time zone: GMT +5

Area: 488 sq km

Population: 0,947 million (2010)

Founded in: 1881

Climate: continental

Average temperature: -1°C to +10°C in winter, +21°C to +39°C in summer

Area code: +993 (12)

Airports: Ashgabat

Train stations: Ashgabat

Bus stations: Ashgabat

Religious buildings: Orthodox: St.Blessed Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky Church, Holy Hierarch St.Nicholas the Wonderworker Church; Muslim: Azadi Mosque, Turkmenbashy Rukhy Mosque (Kipchak village, 16 km from Ashgabat)

Architectural landmarks: Oghuz Khan and Sons Fountain Complex, Presidential Palace, Ashgabat Flagpole, Nisa Ancient City (16 km from Ashgabat)

Statues and memorials: Inspiration Alley, Neutrality Arch, Independence Monument, Ruhnama, Earthquake Victims

Museums: Turkmenistan National Museum, Fine Arts Museum, Turkmen Carpet Museum

Theatres: Pushkin State Russian Drama Theatre, Arslan Turkmen National Youth Theatre, State Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Central Culture and Leisure Park, Independence Park

Expo centres: Sergi Kosgi

Sports venues and clubs: Olympic Stadium, Kopet Dag Stadium (FC Talyp Sporty), Dagdan Stadium (FC Asgabat), National Olympic Ice Sports Palace, Olympic Water Sports Complex

Performance sites: Turkmen State Conservatory, Muqam Palace

Entertainment sites: Turkmen State Circus

Restaurants of national cuisine: Turkmen: Sirin Seker, Degirmen, Arkach