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Hotels Tyumen

  1. 7 Etazhey Apart-Hotel
  2. Agat
  3. Algoritm
  4. Apart-Hotel Five Stars (under negotiation)
  5. Apartment House Tyumen (under negotiation)
  6. Arena
  7. Astoria
  8. Best Western Plus Spasskaya
  9. Daudel
  10. DoubleTree by Hilton Tyumen
  11. Eurasia Business Hotel
  12. Filton
  13. Forum (under negotiation)
  14. Galaktika
  15. Globus (under negotiation)
  16. Green House
  17. Hotel 41 (under negotiation)
  18. Hotel Arbat Tyumen Center (under negotiation)
  19. Hotel England Tyumen Center (f.Myusli Mini-Hotel)
  20. iRent72 (under negotiation)
  21. Istochnik Spa-Hotel (under negotiation)
  22. Kashirskaya
  23. Kolos
  24. Kottedzhi Na Verkhnem Boru (under negotiation)
  25. Krasnaya Gvozdika (under negotiation)
  26. Lazurny Bereg
  27. LetoLeto Thermal Resort & SPA (f. LetoLeto Park-Hotel)
  28. Medical Hotel and Spa (under negotiation)
  29. Mercure Tyumen Center
  30. More
  31. Neftyanik
  32. Nostalgy (under negotiation)
  33. OTB Hotel Complex (under negotiation)
  34. Park-hotel Praga
  35. President Hotel (under negotiation)
  36. Remezov
  37. Simpatico Apart-Hotel
  38. Sofia Style (under negotiation)
  39. Sosnovaya (under negotiation)
  40. Start
  41. TMN
  42. Traveler`s hotel (under negotiation)
  43. Tura
  44. Tyumen Time Hotel (under negotiation)
  45. Urartu Ekskurs-hotel (f. Urartu)
  46. Volna (under negotiation)
  47. Vostok
  48. Znat Art-Hotel



Name: Tyumen

Country: Russia

Time zone: GMT +5

Area: 235 sq.km.

Population: 0,581 million (2010)

Founded in: 1586

Climate: continental

Average temperature: -9°C to -22°C in winter, +10°C to +25°C in summer

Area code: +7 (3452)

Airports: Roschino

Train stations: Tyumen

Bus stations: Tyumen

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Our Saviour Church, Our Lady of the Sign Church, Archangel Michael Church, Holy Cross Exaltation Church, Ascension and St.George Church, Ilyino Mother of God Nativity Convent, Tyumen Holy Trinity Monastery; Catholic: St.Joseph the Betrothed Church; Muslim: Cathedral Mosque; Synagogue

Architectural landmarks: Former Commercial College, Gostiny Dvor, City Administrative Board, Water Tower, People’s House

Statues and memorials: V.Lenin, Y.Ervye, A.Tekutyev, Ermak and his Cossacks, Eternal Flame on the Memory Square, Tyumen Founders

Museums: Tyumen Region Fine Arts Museum, Slovtsov Tyumen Region Local Lore Museum, XIX- XX Century House History Museum, Geology, Oil and Gas Museum, Archaeology Museum-Reserve at Andreevskoye Lake (25 km from Tyumen)

House-Museums of: Masharov House

Theatres: State Drama and Comedy Theatre, Angazhement Youth Theatre, Preobrazhenie Theatre, Mimicriya Theatre, Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Aleksandrovsky Garden, Kolmogorovsky Garden, Komsomolsky Park, Masharov Park, Desantnikov Park, Siberian Cats Park

Expo centres: Tyumen Fair

Sports venues and clubs: Geolog Stadium (FC Tyumen), Sports Palace (HC Rubin, JHC Gazovik), Central Sports Complex (VC Tyumen, WVC Tyumen- TyumGU, MFC Tyumen), Zodchy Sports Complex

Performance sites: Philharmonic Hall, Torfyanik House of Culture and Creativity, Art College Concert Hall, Zheleznodorozhnik House of Culture

Entertainment sites: Circus

Restaurants of national cuisine: Russian: Alexander, Gosudarev, Rasputin