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Hotels Dushanbe

  1. Dushanbe Serena
  2. Hyatt Regency Dushanbe
  3. Tojikiston



Name: Dushanbe

Country: Tajikistan

Time zone: GMT +5

Area: 124,6 sq km

Population: 0,679 million (2010)

Founded in: 1925

Climate: subtropical

Average temperature: +1°C to +5°C in winter, +20°C to +29°C in summer

Area code: +992 (37)

Airports: Dushanbe

Train stations: Dushanbe

Bus stations: Dushanbe

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Cathedral; Muslim: Haji Yakoub Mosque; Synagogue

Architectural landmarks: Sadriddin Ayni Mausoleum, Ferdowsi Republican Library, Gissar Fortress (26 km from Dushanbe)

Statues and memorials: I.Samani, S.Ayni, Avicenna, Firdousi, Rudaki, Victory Monument, Flagpole

Museums: Republic of Tajikistan National Museum, Tajikistan Antiquity National Museum, Zavkibekov Musical Instruments Museum, Bekhzad Republican United History, Local Lore and Fine Art Museum, Ethnography Museum

House-Museums of: M.Tursun Zoda

Theatres: Ayni Tajikistan State Opera and Ballet Theatre, Lahouti Tajikistan State Academic Drama Theatre, Mayakovsky Russian State Drama Theatre, Vakhidov Youth Theatre, Louhtak Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Central Culture and Leisure Park, Rudaki Park, Capital Park, Park at Komsomolsky Lake, Tajikistan Science Academy Botanical Gardens, Guzgarf Waterfall (20 km from Dushanbe)

Expo centres: Kohi Borbad State Complex

Sports venues and clubs: Pamir Stadium (FC CSKA Pomir)

Performance sites: Philharmonic Hall

Entertainment sites: Zoo

Restaurants of national cuisine: Tajik: Rokhat Tea-house