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Name: Nizhneudinsk

Country: Russia

Time zone: UTC+8

Area: 75 sq. km

Population: 33 954 people (2017)

Founded in: 1648

Climate: extremely continental

Average temperature: 20,6°C in winter, +17,9°C in summer

Area code: +7 (39557)

Airport: Nizhneudinsk

Train station: Nizhneudinsk

Bus station: Nizhneudinsk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Church, Protestant: Evangelical Christians-Baptists Church, Blessing Christians of Evangelical Faith Church

Statues and memorials: V.I. Lenin, G.P. Maslovsky, D.A. Kashik, Kesha Kuimov, Revolution Fighters, Aviators Fallen during World War II, 25th Anniversary of Victory over Nazi Germany Obelisk, Grieving Mother Monument

Museums: Museum and Cultural Centre

Theatres: Expromt Folk Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Zheleznodorozhny Park

Sports venues and clubs: Locomotive Stadium, Trud Stadium

Performance sites: City Culture Palace

Entertainment sites: Sayany Cinema

Restaurants of national cuisine: Hash (Russian, European, Caucasian), Venetsiya (Italian, Japanese)