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Hotels Astrakhan

  1. ART hotel
  2. Astrakhanskaya
  3. AZIMUT Hotel Astrakhan
  4. Baden-Baden
  5. Baku (under negotiation)
  6. Bonhotel
  7. Continent (under negotiation)
  8. Gallery (f. Sakura)
  9. Gold Jin
  10. Granat (under negotiation)
  11. Grand-Hotel Astrakhan
  12. Kavkazskaya Plennitsa
  13. Novomoskovskaya
  14. Park Inn by Radisson Astrakhan
  15. Rossvik
  16. Star Castle (form.Old Castle)
  17. Verona (under negotiation)
  18. Victoria Palas
  19. Volga-Volga
  20. Yantar
  21. Zolotoy Zaton



Name: Astrakhan

Country: Russia

Time zone: GMT +3

Area: 500 sq.km.

Population: 0,66 million (2010)

Founded in: 1558

Climate: extremely continental

Average temperature: -1°C to -5°C in winter, +19°C to +30°C in summer

Area code: +7 (8512)

Airports: Narimanovo

Train stations: Astrakhan-1

Ports: river terminal (Volga river)

Bus stations: Tsentralny

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Assumption Cathedral, Trinity Cathedral, Intercession Cathedral, St.Grand Prince Vladimir Equal to the Apostles Cathedral, Kazan Icon of the Mother of God Church, Nativity of Christ Church, Theotokos Cathedral Bell Tower, John the Baptist Monastery; Catholic: Roman Catholic Most Holy Mother of God Assumption Church; Muslim: White Mosque, Black Mosque, Red Mosque; Synagogue

Architectural landmarks: the Kremlin, Archiereus Tower, Barley Tower, Crimea Tower, Torment Tower, Red Gate, Water Gate, Merchant Tetyushinov House, Shelekhov House, Astrakhan Cossack Army House, Demidov Trading Courtyard

Statues and memorials: V.Lenin, S.Kirov, A.Pushkin, Peter the Great, Sailors Killed in 1918-1921 City Defence, Eternal Flame

Museums: State United History and Architecture Museum-Reserve, Astrakhan Culture Museum, Dogadin State Art Gallery, Battlefield Glory Museum, Russian Watermelon Museum (Kamyzyak, 35 km from Astrakhan)

House-Museums of: V.Khlebnikov, B.Kustodiev

Theatres: Drama Theatre, State Opera and Ballet Theatre, State Puppet Theatre, State Youth Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Arcadia Central Culture and Leisure City Park, Swan Lake, Bratsky Garden, City Embankment, Astrakhan Nature Biosphere Reserve (80 km from Astrakhan), Lotus Fields (60 km from Astrakhan), Bogdo and Baskunchak Reserve (Akhtubinsk, 290 km from Astrakhan)

Sports venues and clubs: Central Stadium (FC Volgar-Gazprom), Zvyozdny Sports Complex (Handball Club Zarya Kaspiya, Women’s Handball Club Astrakhanochka), AGTU Swimming Pool (WPC Spartak)

Performance sites: State Philharmonic Hall, Culture and Art Centre

Entertainment sites: Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Restaurants of national cuisine: Russian: Sudar, Zolotoy Vek, Kupechesky