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Hotels Ufa

  1. Absolut (under negotiation)
  2. Agidel
  3. Alfa (under negotiation)
  4. AMAKS City Hotel (f. AMAKS Tourist Hotel)
  5. Aristol (under negotiation)
  6. AZIMUT Hotel Ufa
  7. Bashkiria
  8. Crown Plaza Ufa (f. Kongress Hotel Ufa)
  9. Dobr Zdravich
  10. Europe (under negotiation)
  11. Hampton by Hilton Ufa
  12. Hilton Garden Inn Ufa Riverside
  13. In Centre (under negotiation)
  14. IremelHotel
  15. Karaidel (under negotiation)
  16. Kleopatra (under negotiation)
  17. Korona (under negotiation)
  18. Mercury
  19. Na Vysote
  20. Novosel (under negotiation)
  21. Posadskaya
  22. President Hotel
  23. Prichal
  24. Svoyak
  25. Tan
  26. Ufa-Astoria
  27. Ural Tau (f. Atola)
  28. Volna
  29. Zelyonaya Roscha Health Resort



Name: Ufa

Country: Russia

Time zone: GMT +5

Area: 707,9 sq km

Population: 1,062 million (2010)

Founded in: 1574

Climate: continental

Average temperature: -6°C to -19°C in winter, +11°C to +26°C in summer

Area code: +7 (347)

Airports: Ufa

Train stations: Ufa

Ports: river terminal (Belaya river)

Bus stations: Yuzhny, Severny

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Mother of God Nativity Cathedral, St.Sergiy Cathedral, Intercession Church, Equal to the Apostles Sts.Cyril and Methodius Church, St.Andrew the First-called Church, Ascension Church, Holy Cross Exaltation Church, Saviour Church; Muslim: Ufa 1st Cathedral Mosque; Lyalya the Tulip Mosque, Khamza-Khaji Mosque, Ikhlas Mosque, Gufran Mosque, Asnya Mosque, Khakimia Mosque; Catholic: Holy Cross Exaltation Roman Catholic Parish, Synagogue

Architectural landmarks: E.Ponosova-Mollo House, P.Kosterin House, Deputy Assembly of the Nobility

Statues and memorials: S.Yulaev, M.Gafury, F.Shalyapin, F.Dzerzhinsky, M.Gorky, V.Mayakovsky, Friendship Monument, Grieving Mother Monument

Museums: Nesterov Bashkir State Fine Arts Museum, Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, Bashkortostan Republic Geology and Natural Resources Museum, Latfullin Bashkortostan Republic Modern Art Museum, Bashkortostan Republic National Museum, Planetarium

House-Museums of: S.Khudayberdin, M.Gafury, V. Lenin, S.Aksakov

Theatres: Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theatre, Gafury Bashkir Academic Drama Theatre, Bashkortostan Russian Academic Drama Theatre, Karim Bashkortostan Republic National Youth Theatre, Nur State Tatar Theatre, Bashkir State Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Yakutov Culture and Leisure Park, Victory Park, Demsky Culture and Leisure Park, Gafury Central Culture and Leisure Park, Kashkadan Culture and Leisure Park, Pervomaysky Culture and Leisure Park, Aksakov Culture and Leisure Garden, UNC RAN Botanical Garden-Institute

Expo centres: Bashkortostan, BashEXPO

Sports venues and clubs: Neftyanik Stadium (FC Ufa), Ufa-Arena Ice Sports Palace (HC Salavat Yulaev), Salavat Yulaev Sports Palace (JHC Tolpar), Dynamo Sports Complex (VC Ural), UGNTU Sports Complex (WVC Ufimochka-UGNTU)

Performance sites: Akhmetov Bashkir State Philharmonic Hall, Youth Palace, City Palace of Culture, Shalyapin Concert Hall, Congress Hall, Ogni Ufy Entertainment Complex, Neftyanik Palace of Culture

Entertainment sites: State Circus, Zoo

Restaurants of national cuisine: Bashkir: House of Bashkir Cuisine, The Luxe Hall; Russian: Schepka