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Hotels Vladivostok

  1. A Hotel Amur bay
  2. Acfes-Seiyo
  3. Ararat Park (under negotiation)
  4. Astoria
  5. Aurora Park Hotel
  6. Avanta
  7. AZIMUT Hotel Vladivostok
  8. Corona (under negotiation)
  9. Dabro (under negotiation)
  10. Eagle House Inn (under negotiation)
  11. Equator
  12. Gavan
  13. Granit
  14. Karmen
  15. Lampa (under negotiation)
  16. Lotte Hotel Vladivostok (form. Hyundai)
  17. Margaritov (under negotiation)
  18. Mega (under negotiation)
  19. Meridian (under negotiation)
  20. Mina (under negotiation)
  21. Mina Hotel Arbat (under negotiation)
  22. Ostrovok
  23. Renaissance
  24. Rial
  25. Story (under negotiation)
  26. Sunrise Aparthotel
  27. Tom (under negotiation)
  28. V Hotel & Rooftop (under negotiation)
  29. Vid na Zolotoy Rog (under negotiation)
  30. Villa Arte
  31. Zhemchuzhina



Name: Vladivostok

Country: Russia

Time zone: GMT +10

Area: 331,16 sq km

Population: 0,616 million (2010)

Founded in: 1860

Climate: monsoon

Average temperature: -5°C to -16°C in winter, +11°C to +25°C in summer

Area code: +7 (423)

Airports: Vladivostok

Train stations: Vladivostok

Ports: sea terminal (Zolotoy Rog Bay, Sea of Japan)

Bus stations: Vladivostok

Religious buildings: Orthodox: St.Nicholas Cathedral, Holy Mary Protection Church, Mother of God Assumption Church, Kazan Icon of the Mother of God Church, Port Arthur Icon of the Mother of God Church, Diocesan Administration St.Sergius the Abbot ofRadonezh Cross Church, St.Righteous John of Kronstadt Church, St.Apostle Andrew the First-called Church, St.Seraphim of Sarov Church (Russky Island, 5 km from Vladivostok); Catholic: Most Holy Mother of God Church; Synagogue

Architectural landmarks: Railway Station, Nicholas Triumphal Arch, Rostral Column, Admiral Fokinstreet (Arbat of Vladivostok)

Statues and memorials: Admiral G.Nevelsky, Admiral N.Kuznetsov, Lieutenant General N.Chichagov,S.Makarov, V.Lenin, D.Davydov, K.Blucher, S.Lazo, Kreyserok Schooner Crew, Fighters for Soviet Power in the Far East, Siberian Fleet Crew Sailors, Russian- Japanese War Heroes

Museums: Arsenyev Primorsky State United Museum, Oceanarium, Vladivostok Fortress, Pacific Fleet Military History Museum, S-56 Submarine the Pacific Fleet Military Glory Memorial, Car and Motorcycle Relic Museum, Border Guards’ Museum, DVGU Science Museum, DVGU Geology and Mineralogy Museum, DVGU Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, Zoology Museum, Primorsky State Art Gallery, Shaygin Ancient Settlement (Sergeevka village, 220 km from Vladivostok)

House-Museums of: V.Arsenyev, Sukhanovs

Theatres: Gorky Primorsky Territory Academic Drama Theatre, Primorsky Territory Youth Drama Theatre, Pushkin Theatre, Pacific Fleet Drama Theatre, Primorsky Territory Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Pokrovsky Park, BVO RAN Botanical Gardens, Far East Marine Biosphere Reserve, Russky Island (5 km from Vladivostok), Popov Island (20 km from Vladivostok), Primorsky Safari Park (Shkotovo village, 39 km from Vladivostok),Ussury Reserve (150 km from Vladivostok)

Expo centres: Dalexpocentre, Asia Expo, Primorsky Exhibition Complex

Sports venues and clubs: Dynamo Stadium (FC Luch-Energiya), Olimpiets Sports Complex (BC SpartakPrimorye), Avangard Stadium, Bastion Sports Complex, Voskhod Sports Complex, Zmeinka Go-cart Track, Sem Futov Yacht Club

Performance sites: Primorsky Territory Philharmonic Hall, Fesko Hall Concert Hall, Underground Theatre and Concert Complex, Naval Officers’ Club

Entertainment sites: State Circus, Sadgorod Zoo, Kometa Leisure Centre

Restaurants of national cuisine: Russian: Nostalgia; Korean: Khanuri, Khekymgang, Khwaro